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COUNTERMEASURES David Malek & Jérôme Hentsch 

Galerie Joy de Rouvre, Geneva Switzerland

MILLENIALES: Peintures 2000 — 2020 curated by Vincent Pécoil

Frac MECA Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bordeaux FR

The Swimmer 2015 was shown in a large retrospective exhibition with works by Gerald Petit, Bertrand Lavier, Nicolas Chardon, Francis Baudevin and many others.
Photographe :  Gaëlle Deleflie


Ribordy Thetaz Gallery, Geneva Switzerland

Photos © Julien Gremaud

RISE curated by Stéphane Ribordy and Laëtitia Thetaz

Ribordy Thetaz Gallery, Geneva Switzerland
This exhibition celebrated the inauguration of the gallery’s new space

The Dodecagon 162 x 130 cm – 2019

  1. Exhibition view. With paintings by Zak Kitnick (left), The Dodecagon (center), and Sebastian Black (right).
  2. Exhibition view. With paintings by Viktor Kopp (left), Zak Kitnick (center) and The Dodecagon (right).


Photos © Julien Gremaud

VARIA curated by Vincent Pécoil and Laurent Strouk

Galerie Laurent Strouk, Paris France

Large Overlapping Craters (after James Nasmyth). 205 x 158 cm / 80.7 x 62.2 in 2018
Photo © Marielle Huneau

  1. Exhibition view. With paintings by Brian Calvin (left), Overlapping Craters (center) and Gérald Petit (right).
  2. Exhibition view with Overlapping Craters (left), and paintings by Gérald Petit (center) and Vincent Szarek (right).

Photos © Jean-Louis Bellurget

B(L)ACK curated by Damien Navarro

Ribordy Contemporary, Geneva Switzerland
This exhibition functioned as a mash-up retrospective for the 10th anniversary of previous gallery projects

Eclipse 60 x 50 cm. 2016

Exhibition view.
Photos © Annik Wetter 

Dark Star: David Malek & Blair Thurman

Ribordy Contemporary, Geneva. 

For this collaboration, the aritsts were inspired by cult director John Carpenter’s first movie Dark Star 1974.

Yellow Eclipse

50 x 40 cm

Dark Star exhibition views 


Galerie Triple V, Paris France

Yellow Ziggurat  82.3 x 95 cm / 32.4 x 37.4

Exhibition view.  With paintings by John Tremblay (left), Gérald Petit (center) and Yellow Ziggurat (right).
Photos  © André Morin

PIÈCES-MEUBLÉS 1995 / 2016 organized by Bob Nickas

Galerie Patrick Seguin, Paris France
In this exhibition, artworks were presented in and around a 1954 demountable house by architect Jean Prouvé

The Swimmer 2 (Door)  
204 x 75 cm / 80.3 x 29.5 in  2016

Exhibition view with The Swimmer 2 (left), a drawing by Nathaniel Axel (center) and a ceramic by Mai-Thu Perret (right).
Photos  © Nicolas Bergerot

Exhibition view with Jean Prouvé demountable house.
Photos  © Nicolas Bergerot

5 rue du Mail, Paris France inauguration of new gallery space

Galerie Triple V

The Chaotic Ziggurat (homage to Steven Parrino)
158.5 x 183 cm / 68.4 x 72 in   2016

  1. Exhibition view with a painting by Blair Thurman (left), The Chaotic Ziggurat (center), a painting by Hugo Pernet (right) and a sculpture by James Angus (right)
  2. Exhibition view 

Photos  © André Morin

SCIENCE FICTION 3 curated by Vincent Pécoil

Galerie Triple V, Paris France

The Dark Crystal 170 x 100 cm / 67 x 39.3 in 2012

Exhibition view. With works by Michael Scott (left), Emmanuelle Lainé (center) and Pierre Vadi (floor). Science Fiction #3 was a reiteration of an exhibition series initiated by Peter Halley in 1983 in which the walls were painted black to create a sci-fi ambience.

Photos © André Morin

MARTOS GALLERY, New York, New York

Exhibition views. Photos © Charles Benton

FIAC solo presentation Galerie Triple V, Paris France

Installation view. 
Photo © André Morin


Ribordy Contemporary, Geneva Switzerland, 2011

Tycho and its Surroundings
134 x 108 cm / 52.3 x 42.1 in  2011

Exhibition view. Photos © Annik Wetter

THE DIAGONAL of the VOID / La DIAGONALE du VIDE curated by Jill Gasparina and Caroline Soyez-Petithomme

La Salle de Bains Art Center, Lyon France

Installation views

The painting White Icosahedron was installed on a monumental mural photograph by Éric Tabuchi in order to create a sci-fi feeling.
Photos  © Éric Tabuchi